Gift of the Gurus: Book Launch

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05/29/2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm America/Creston Timezone

Gift of the Gurus is a new book that will enlighten and give meaning to your meditation practice. It comes at a time where many are using meditation in their daily lives or yearning to know more.

This book is for everyone from yoga teachers to householders and all who yearn to calm the mind to make a deeper connection to the Divine. Meditation is a tool for all religions and faiths.

Our society now embraces meditation and its many benefits. In Gift of the Gurus, you will discover how Indian gurus practiced it, taught it and their relevant methods so you, too, can continue or begin your journey. It provides a rich foundation to build your meditation practice upon.

Seekers will come to learn from the lives of Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Swami Paramahansa Yogananda, and Sri Anandamayi Ma and learn about their personal life experiences, how mediation was taught, and how you can do it starting with just five minutes a day.

Pearl Anjanee Gyan shares not only the Guru’s meditation teachings, but distinctive recipes that inspired her understanding of the sweetness found in connecting with the Divine through meditation.

Gift of the Gurus stretches your awareness of meditation practices.

Pearl Anjanee Gyan, Ed. D. is a retired elementary school teacher and University of Alberta professor. Her ancestors traveled as indentured workers from India to the West Indies. She was born in Trinidad and grew up influenced by many faiths. Her mother was Hindu and had a Roman Catholic background. Her father was Presbyterian and Anjanee was baptized in the Presbyterian faith. She grew up with her Hindu grandmother and went to an Anglican girls’ school. She lived in villages amongst Hindus, Muslims and Christians and developed a strong respect for all religions and faiths.

For her doctoral research in San Diego, she explored the practices of four Hindu gurus and created a teaching model to use in the classroom. Her successful practice at school and in her personal life inspired her to write “Gift of the Gurus” which is based on her doctoral research. She shares their fascinating lives, teaching and meditation experiences.

Dr. Gyan is now a Licensed Lay Worship Leader at Trinity United Church in Creston, BC. She leads meditation classes and belongs to the church choir.

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“According to Anjanee, in this current technological era, we have forgotten to connect to our inner self, the part that leads us to be and do good in the world. The gurus used a process from the ancient Vedas and their experiences of uniting one to their real Self. The result is a calm life guided by wisdom and creativity.”

“Food is sacred to the author who believes that positive energy put into its preparation is lacking. Cooking good food is like connecting to the inner spirit during meditation; you can be filled with a sweet, blissful feeling just like from sweet desserts. Serving food needs to come from a calm place because it is very much like serving God in others. Anjanee includes recipes within Gift of the Gurus to represent the sweetness and Divine Joy within us when we meditate.”

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