Creston Valley Public Library has three meeting rooms that are available for use by the public.

The larger conference room is equipped with built-in projector, kitchen, washroom and other amenities. A smaller meeting space is equipped with computers and more casual style seating. We also offer a small office space equipped with a desk and computer.

Please be aware that this form is a request form only, and does not automatically guarantee your booking. We will make every effort to confirm with you via phone or email, but please personally confirm your booking with the library to be sure that you have the meeting space when you need it.

After hours bookings require a key to be picked up at the front counter during open hours. If you haven’t picked up your key, you will be unable to get into the meeting room.

Please familiarize yourself with all “User Responsibilities” and “Restrictions” listed on the “Services” page of our website before completing this form.