There are three types of meeting rooms available for booking:

  • Conference Room: Seats up to 48. For club or community meetings, film showings, and more. Equipped with built-in projector, wifi, sound system, kitchen, washroom and other amenities. After hours bookings are available.
  • Quiet Room/Casual Space: Equipped with computers and casual style seating. Perfect for small groups. Available during open hours only.
  • Small Office (AKA “The Yellow Room”): Equipped with a table, desk, computer and whiteboard. Ideal for Skyping, tutoring, and small group study sessions. Available during open hours only.

To book your room, simply click on the green plus sign at the bottom of the calendar. You can then register for a booking through the pop up window.  If you want to modify/cancel your bookings, you need to be logged in when you reserve a room.  You can click “Register” and follow the instruction to create your booking account.

Please familiarize yourself with all “User Responsibilities” and “Restrictions”. Bookings that do not comply with our guidelines may be cancelled without notice.