Ebooks & Audiobooks


OverDrive/Libby is the app used to download eBooks and eAudiobooks from Library2Go, which we subscribe to through the BC Libraries Co-operative. The free app called “Libby” is compatible with OverDrive and ideal for your mobile devices.

How many items can I sign out?

You can borrow 7 items at a time. The default loan duration for ebooks is 21 days, and 14 days for audiobooks.

How do I place a hold?

If the item is unavailable, “Place a hold” will appear instead of “Borrow”. When the item is available, you will receive an email notice. Then you will go to your loan page to borrow the item.

How do I return items?

Items are returned automatically. Or you can go to your loan page and choose to “Return Early”

Can I renew items?

You cannot renew items until there are 3 days or less left in the loan period.

What is Libby?

Libby is a new app that allows you to access the OverDrive collection. You can use your OverDrive account to log into Libby.


OverDrive Help Page