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Collection Development

4.1 Statement on Intellectual Freedom
Creston Valley Public Library adheres to the Canadian Library Association’s Statement on Intellectual Freedom:
 All persons in Canada have the fundamental right, as embodied in the nation’s Bill of Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to have access to all expressions of knowledge, creativity and intellectual activity, and to express their thoughts publicly. This right to intellectual freedom, under the law, is essential to the health and development of Canadian society.

Libraries have a basic responsibility for the development and maintenance of intellectual freedom.

It is the responsibility of libraries to guarantee and facilitate access to all expressions of knowledge and intellectual activity, including those which some elements of society may consider to be unconventional, unpopular or unacceptable. To this end, libraries shall acquire and make available the widest variety of materials.

It is the responsibility of libraries to guarantee the right of free expression by making available all the library’s public facilities and services to all individuals and groups who need them.

Libraries should resist all efforts to limit the exercise of these responsibilities while recognizing the right of criticism by individuals and groups.

Both employees and employers in libraries have a duty, in addition to their institutional responsibilities, to uphold these principles.

4.2 Selection of Library Materials
Strong collections of books and other resources are the core of excellent library service.
  Our goals are to:

  • Enrich and empower lives and build community by providing access to the world’s information and ideas.
  • Promote lifelong learning, discovery, enjoyment and the realisation of potential.
  • Inspire the love of reading and the exploration of ideas, culture and knowledge.
  • Meet the diverse needs and interests of individuals.
  • Respect and reflect communities of various cultural, ethnic, religious, and philosophical backgrounds.
  • Recognize and accommodate varied educational levels, abilities and disabilities, English and non-English speaking users.

With these goals in mind, library materials are to be selected in accordance with one or more of the following criteria:

  • Popular demand.
  • Contemporary significance or permanent value.
  • Scope and authority of the subject matter.
  • Reputation and/or authority of the author, editor or illustrator.
  • Literary merit.
  • Relationship to the existing collection and to other materials on the subject.
  • Price and availability.
  • Format and arrangement.
  • Scarcity of information in the subject area.
  • Availability of material in the area.
  • Attention of critics, reviewers, and the media.

Additionally, the library acknowledges a particular interest in the local history of the area and in the works of local authors and artists. Everything reasonably obtainable will be acquired and preserved.

The library welcomes and values the input and suggestions of community and library members, and will actively strive to address unmet needs and interests by engaging with members of the community who do not currently use the library.

4.3 Deselection of Library Materials
Deselection is a vital part of building and maintaining a current and responsive collection. We actively and continuously track and appraise the performance of our collections, to balance both immediate demand and long term user needs. Removal of items from the collection through active weeding is integral to this process.

4.4 Reconsideration of Library Materials
The library will review the selection of any specific materials upon written request from any member of the public. A completed copy of the form, “Materials Reconsideration Form”, is reviewed by the Library Director in light of the criteria outlined in this policy. A written response will be sent to the person or organization making the request.

An appeal of the Library Director’s decision may be made to the Chair of the Library Board by submitting, in writing, reasons for the appeal. A written response will be provided following consideration by the Library Board.

4.5 Donations of Books and Other Materials
The library welcomes donations of books, materials, or money for the purchase of books, materials, equipment or facility enhancement.
  We reserve the right to decide the disposition of all gifts received. All donated material is reviewed according to the same selection criteria applied to purchased materials.

All gifts become the property of Creston Valley Public Library. Material which is not needed for the collection may be sold for the benefit of the library.

A tax receipt will be provided upon request for monetary donations of $10 or more.