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Meeting Room Rentals

Meeting rooms are available for use for free by the public, and can be used for non-profit society meetings and events, small group meetings, community programming and tutoring.

Meeting rooms are not available for use by for-profit businesses and individuals (excluding tutoring services).

You can book our meeting rooms (depending on availability) in person at our service desk, over the phone at 250-428-4141, or via email at


  • Creston Valley Public Library reserves the right to refuse any application and/or cancel reservations. We make every effort to not “bump” previously confirmed bookings, but reserve the right to do so for library-sponsored programs where no alternative arrangements can be found.
  • The Conference Room is available for free for registered charities, community groups, non-profit societies and clubs.  Smaller meeting spaces can be booked by small groups or individuals.
  • Users will be limited to a maximum of 4 hours of bookings per week for all meeting spaces. Ongoing, regular weekly bookings can be made up to 2 weeks ahead.  Additional time for bookings can be made by donation ($25/hr) depending on room availability.
  • Groups using the meeting rooms must not interfere with the regular ongoing function of library services.
  • The rooms are not to be used for parties, showers, banquets, or any commercial activities.
  • Users intending to serve and/or consume alcohol in the meeting room (conference room only) must have a valid liquor license in place. Permits are the sole responsibility of the user.
  • No smoking is allowed in the building or within three meters of doorways.
  • All organizations intending to use the premises must follow the provisions of the British Columbia Human Rights Code and the Criminal Code of Canada.


  • If the meeting room is to be used outside of normal library operational hours (conference room only), it is the responsibility of the user to obtain an entry key during library hours and to ensure that exterior doors are locked and secure upon exit of the building.
  • Any damages to the facility are the responsibility of the user, and will be repaired by Creston Valley Public Library and charged back to the user.
  • Users are responsible for room set-up and room clean-up.
  • Users are responsible for their own meeting materials, including flip charts, paper, etc.

Users shall not attach flip chart papers or other items to the walls.