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Creston Valley Public Library

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Privacy Policy

Protection of Privacy and Personal Information
Creston Valley Public Library adheres to the B.C. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA).
The library collects and retains only the personal information that is required to offer its services and programs, within the limits prescribed by FOIPPA.

All information related to a library user may only be used by library employees working within the scope of their duties.

The library will not divulge or release any information related to a library user to a third party unless compelled under a court order.

Unless requested to do so, the library will not retain patron borrowing histories except as necessary to assess condition of returned items and ensure collection of any applicable fines.

A patron cannot sign out materials or have access to any aspect of another patron’s account without prior consent.

Children’s Right to Protection of Privacy and Personal Information.

Children have the right to control the disclosure of their own personal information. As a general guideline, children aged 12 and over will be deemed “capable” of exercising such rights. We also confirm that children under 12 who are capable of exercising their own information rights have the right to do so.

Borrowing histories and account information for children over 12 years of age are not divulged to parents or legal guardians except where necessary in recovering lost or overdue items, or with the written permission of the child. In addition, legal guardians cannot sign out materials or have access to any aspect of the account of a child over the age of 12 without the child’s prior consent.