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Community Engagement

6.1 Partnerships  The library is committed to actively seeking new partnership opportunities with provincial, regional and community organizations and businesses.  Partnerships may be of indefinite or predetermined duration, and of variable scope. Partnerships of limited duration and/or scope may be entered into at the discretion of the Library Director, while partnerships of greater duration and/or scope require approval of the Library Board.

6.2 Community Engagement Values Statement  Creston Valley Public Library believes that meaningful and relevant service planning and delivery are best achieved through collaboration and shared decision making with community members. Sincere collaboration requires library staff to be open and accessible to all community members.  To do this, library staff strives to engage community members, both library users and non-users, in spaces where the community members feel most comfortable.

Accordingly, library staff will actively:

  • Involve community members in discussions about their unique assets and specific needs, and how the library can support them.
  • Include information on community engagement strategies in all project proposals.
  • Budget sufficient funds, time, and staff for community engagement in service planning activities.
  • Share decision making, outcomes, and evaluation with community members using effective and meaningful approaches.
  • Document and report on how community members were involved in service decisions.

Communities are diverse and ever-changing. Engagement techniques and strategies require ongoing efforts, review, and evaluation.