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Minor Breach

Minor security breach at BC Libraries Cooperative

As we take our patrons’ privacy very seriously, we want to inform you of a brief minor security breach incident that occured on April 19th to our library’s online operating system, SITKA. The leaked data was limited to email addresses or phone numbers of people who received automated messages such as such as holds notifications from SITKA from March 27th to April 19th. No individual library information, other identifying information, contents or subject lines of emails, or any information about people’s checkouts, holds or fines were leaked.

The BC Libraries Co-op that operates SITKA believes the main harm that can come from the leaking of this information is a potential increase in spam, phishing or spear phishing attacks. We have not had any reports of any issues yet.

Please contact our Library Director Saara Itkonen if you have any concerns or if you have experienced any problematic communication.

You can find out more about how to protect yourself from phishing attacks here